Online Registration

To reserve an item from Online
1. Select the item you wish to reserve from any of our online partner merchant, eg Moko Home
2. Select the lipiapolepole/Flexpay Option
3. Enter your details as prompted
4. Make your initial depositĀ 

5. Proceed to making payment until you complete

To Check Out
1. Once you complete making payments, you receive a congratulation message with the merchant phone number.
2. You are allowed to call the phone number and arrange for the delivery

However, the merchant also receives a notification once you complete and calls you to arrange for the delivery.

1. Who pays for the delivery?
The customer.
The merchant informs the customer the delivery fee depending on the location. This payment is done directly to the merchant NOT Flexpay.

2. How much is the delivery fee?
The delivery fee depends on the customer’s location and the size of the item, it also depends on the medium the merchant uses, eg, G4S.

Note: Different merchants have different delivery models, some delivery at your doorstep for free, others delivery to your nearest G4S Office for free. Before making the reservation, kindly enquire about the delivery.

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