Instore Registration

Flexpay helps you acquire item{s} by making piecemeal payments. You only need to identify a product from any of our partner merchants, make a deposit of choice then pay the balance in 90days at absolutely 0% Interest. 

You collect the product upon full payment. 


To reserve an item from the store,
1. Visit any of our partner merchants store, eg Naivas Supermarket
2. Identify the item you wish to lipiapolepole for
3. Ask one of the attendants to register you
4. Make initial deposit of at least Ksh.500
5. Continue making payments until you complete 

Once you complete making payments, you receive a congratulations message that you present at the store.

To Check Out
1. Proceed to the customer care desk at the store
2. Show them the congratulations message received from Flexpay
3. Collect your item 

1. Can I change my Item within 90 days?

Yes, you can change your booked item from one booking to another. You only need to identify the item you wish to change to and ask the attendant to effect the change for you.

2. What happens if the 90 days elapses before completing my payments? 

You are allowed to continue making payments, but in the event the price changes, you will pay the current price. Also, in the event the item goes out of stock, you will pick the model available then.

3. What if I am not able to make the full payments?
You can take a different item, worth the amount paid or you can get a shipping voucher that you can use to shop any item with.
To get a shopping voucher, You only need to call our customer care number 0719725060 and request for one.
The voucher is instant and you can use it to shop ANY item at the store.


4. What happens if the price changes?
The customer is requested to top up the balance before checkout.

5. How does one make subsequent payments for the product?
You can use 1. The till number 700164
            2. Via USSD *384*30*2#
            3. Via Flexpay App 


6. What is the minimum deposit one should make?
At Least Ksh.500 

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