Flexpay Travel Goal

Flexpay Travel Goal helps customers set their preferred vacation targets and raise the amount within their preferred timeline eg. save for vacation for 6 months. The customer can choose to get back the total amount saved or choose to travel with any Flexpay Travel Partner Agencies

How to set a Flexpay Travel goal
a) Using the app (Download at https://bit.ly/3fhmLvs)
    1. Click on Create a goal.

  1. Choose Travel Deals and enter the details as prompted.
  2. Click on Create Goal, and receive the till number to make payments to.
  3. Make payments until you complete
    Note: For the goal, you are not restricted to the amount you can save and for how long as well as the deposit you should begin with. 
  4. b) Using the USSD
    Dial *384*30*5#
  5. Select option 2 Personal Goal
  6. Enter your goal name i.e Vacation to Mombasa
    4. Proceed as prompted

5. Make payments until you complete

How to check out a Flexpay Travel Goal
Once you have hit your target, you get a congratulations message. One of our agents contacts you to ask you where you would want the money deposited depending on your choice or helps you get an ideal package from our partner travel agencies.

The customer is at liberty to choose whether to have the money sent back to their account or provide a different account for Flexpay to make the payment to.

1. How long should I pay?
Since it is an open goal, you are allowed to select your preferred time period eg 6 months

2. What if I am not able to hit my target?
You only need to call the customer care phone number 0719725060 and request to terminate the booking and receive your paid amount.

3. What happens if I surpass my due date?
There are no penalties, you are allowed to continue making payments until you hit your target.

4. Can I use the amount paid to purchase an item at Flexpay i.e from the supermarket?
Yes, You only need to call the customer care phone number 0719725060 and request to have the account merged to the store one,

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