How to get More Flexpay Bookings

Talk to more walk-in customers about Flexpay especially the ones window-shopping on electronics and furniture. If you usually talk to 5 double that to 10 today and see the magic!.

The more customers you talk to the more you convert. Today’s tip is on your branch win!! Make sure that your branch is always well branded with FlexPay materials, If you need more branding materials, do not hesitate to ask for more. Also, make sure your team is well trained and talking to more customers. Keep winning!

Now that you are talking to more customers about Flexpay and you are making sure that your store is well branded, let’s get to today’s tip. You can actually share products with your friends and family through social media (facebook, instagram etc) and assist them on how to make a booking. That is tapping your network, and it works!

Some customers shopping for sugar and bread etc, may not be aware about the brand new automated way to Lipa Mos Mos na Flexpay. Get more bookings by sharing this info with your colleagues in other sections, so you can get referrals from them

Most customers that you’ll talk to have not heard about Lipa Mos Mos na Flexpay. Most will have lots of questions about how it works, and in order to improve your chances of conversion, its great to have sound end-to-end knowledge of the process. here is the list of FAQs to help you give the customers accurate responses and build their confidence on the product:

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